Winter Skin

Your winter skin Taking care of your skin is an all year round essential, not just for something that’s important during the warmer weather months. Your skin needs are different, from the middle of winter to the hottest parts of the summer - it’s just knowing how to treat it. Keep hydrated. Your skin will become drier and often more sensitive in the colder weather and central heated environments. Gentle cleanser is a must. Keeping your skin barrier as healthy as possible helps to retain vital moisture. If your skin is feeling tight after washing, it is likely that your cleanser is disrupting your skins natural barrier. Swap your light and breezy moisturiser for something a little richer, thicker and more emollient. Cold weather, harsh winds and dry indoor air can really dry out your skin and take a toll on its texture. At these times of year it’s beneficial on your skin to add facial oils or serums underneath your moisturiser. This will act like a barrier - making it more resistant to drier conditions. Exfoliation. Though you need to be careful not to over exfoliate in the winter, you might see some signs that you need to do a bit of gentle exfoliating. Listen to your skin! If you’re getting flakier in the colder months, that’s a sure sign that your skin routine needs an update. Light acids, such as hyaluronic or glycolic, are a gentle way to exfoliate. Using very light pressure in circular motions helps to remove any dead skin cells that are laying on the top layer of the skin. By removing this, this helps to prepare your skin before adding your serums and moisturisers. Treat yourself to a facial. Your winter skin is often dull through lack of sunlight, dehydration and ageing. We recommend a professional facial every 3-4 weeks. That’s how long your skin takes to move through it’s full cycle of skin cell growth. We advise in the colder months of the year to book in for superficial peels or an exfoliating treatment, such as microdermabrasion. This allows a deep exfoliation to remove any dead skin and allow a better absorption of your daily moisturiser. Regular facials will help to keep your skin clear, glowing and hydrated, whilst maximising you’re every day skincare regime. Remember to tone. Winter weather can take a toll on the hydration of your skin. By adding a facial toner, this is an easy way to help balance the skin, strengthen the skins barrier and provide hydration. Applying a toner before your moisturiser will also improve the absorption of your moisturising products. If you don’t take action and switch up your skincare routine to fight off winter weather, your skin will definitely pay the price. It’s never too late to start!

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